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Immigration Blog

by Laurie Woog, Immigration Lawyer

Extraordinary Ability and Social Media Experts

While it’s not easy to gain approval for any visa petition based on extraordinary ability, and applicants should be realistic before deciding whether to apply for a green card on this basis, it is ...
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Improvements to green card and waiver process for out of status spouses

The New York Times published an interesting article today which describes potential changes to the system of granting green cards for spouses married to U.S. citizens where the non-US citizen spous...
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Welcome to the Extraordinary Ability Visa Blog

This blog is intended for employers, employees, people hoping to emigrate to the United States for employment, and in particular those immigrants with special talents, abilities and impressive qual...
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Extraordinary Ability: Narrow your field

When presenting a case to USCIS that is based on the petitioner’s extraordinary ability in his or her field, it is important to make sure that the government understands the nature of the field in ...
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