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Immigration Success Stories

Success Stories

Read what past and current clients from New Jersey and around the country are saying about the immigration law services provided by immigration lawyer Laurie Woog and the Woog Law Office. If you are seeking professional expertise and compassionate counsel, give the Woog Law Office a call at 908-233-0076 for a confidential consultation.

National Interest Waiver (EB2)

Great support!

"I am blessed to have found Laurie to work on my NIW immigration case. Laurie is an exceptional lawyer with strong values. She is caring, compassionate, and hard working, and will go above and beyond to defend your case. I had spoken with a couple of lawyers prior to Laurie, and I had a gut feeling that she would prepare my case best, which turned out to be true. She was very honest and straightforward from day one, and it was clear that she was very experienced and knew what she was doing. Laurie was always available and quick to respond throughout the process, even when I had general questions that weren't directly related to the case. Laurie was also my support system going through this very challenging period. I can't thank Laurie enough!"

~ M.Z., Data Scientist, New Jersey

O-1 Visa for Airport Security Planner

Dreams can come true!

"I wholeheartedly recommend Laurie Woog to anyone requiring a top class immigration lawyer. From the very first call and face to face session, she explained every step of the process clearly. I was not confident of my chances, but Laurie showed me how I could best fulfil the criteria, enabling us to diligently put together the required documentation. Her professionalism and knowledge of the immigration process are second to none. Her innate understanding of the USCIS requirements, complexities and method for optimizing the documentation gave me a high level of confidence. My petition was completed within our planned timeline and approved only 5 days later due to Laurie's impeccable work and commitment to my case both while I was in the U.S. and overseas."

~Lisa P., Airport Security Planner, Union, New Jersey

SWIFT Approval for Perm Case

Today I recieved approval for my Permanent Residency!

"I can't be more excited and happier than I am today. It was a huge surprise to receive it so fast! Thank you so very much for your hard work on behalf of me and the company!!! I can't explain how grateful I am for your continuous support! From the beginning, I felt very comfortable working with you. You were in constant communication helping me to get back to the U.S. when I was struck abroad due to the pandemic and I was so worried about my case. You kept me informed of the changing rules, researched all options and everything worked out great so that I can continue my life and engineering career in the U.S."

~Mohotarima T., Mechanical engineer, New Jersey

Employment and Family-Based Green Card

Transparent, fast, and dependable!

"I am very happy to get the green card delivered to my address. I really appreciate your filing a well documented case while providing clear instructions, timely follow-ups, and support during processing delays. Your recommendations and tips on address changes and contacting USCIS offices were very helpful. Most importantly, your work was transparent, fast, and dependable.

Many thanks and congratulations to you on another success story. My wife and I are very happy with the way you represented our case. We would strongly recommend you to our friends looking for immigration help."

~- J. Ahmed., Programmer, New Jersey

Green Card

Waiver approval!

"My husband and I were in search of an immigration lawyer to help us in the process of getting an I-601A waiver and permanent residency for him. Someone we knew recommended Laurie very highly. From our first interactions with her, we felt much more at ease about our case. Laurie is kind, professional, and thorough. She readily answered all of our questions throughout the process and worked with us to put together the strongest case possible. After a little over a year, the waiver was approved and my husband got his green card right after our baby was born! We are so grateful to Laurie for her hard work and attention to detail that helped bring us to this point. We would definitely recommend Woog Law Office to anyone who needs help with the I-601A waiver. From our experience, we can tell that Laurie truly cares about her clients and does all she can to help them."

~Sarah H., New Jersey

O-1 Visa and EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Green Card

Fighting spirit!

"Laurie handled my O-1 and then EB-1 Extraordinary Green Card applications successfully. A few things stand out from working with her: (1) Fighting spirit: Laurie doesn't stop pushing for you. There were multiples times that we felt stumped, such as confronting a government shutdown or difficulty getting documents, but Laurie's perseverance and ideas kept us going. Laurie truly invites you into the process, encouraging you to be engaged, examine your strengths and contribute towards the goal. (2) Her creativity: Our process had challenges that Laurie's creativity allowed us to come up with smart answers for. She recognizes each case deserves a unique approach! (3) Execution: Laurie has done this so many times that she knows how to manage the timeline, what to do and when to do it, and to put it simply, how to get things done. I wholeheartedly recommend her law firm and her services."

~Frana J., New York City, NY, Engineering and Entrepreneur

H-1b Visa

Responsive service with a successful outcome!

"My school counselor referred Laurie Woog while I was on OPT going to the H1B filing process. I've approached other attorneys but after speaking and reading her reviews I felt confident on working with Laurie. She is always responsive, extremely competent, reliable and very knowledgeable. We applied for H1B and received an RFE; Laurie's document preparation, review and appropriate time response helped me to get approved. I'm very thankful for all her hard work! I'll recommend her to anyone in need of an immigration attorney who doesn't want their time and money wasted. The whole process was just a great experience! Now I am working with her on getting my green card."

~Gisele N., New Jersey

Green Card and Provisional Waiver

A complete professional!

"Estoy muy contento y agradecido por haber encontrado La Oficina Legal WOOG, para ayudarme con los tramites de mi GREEN CARD y exencion provisional. El profesionalismo de la abogada Laurie es incomparable. Siempre fue un placer hablar con ella. Laurie manejo mi caso de una manera excelente desde el principio hasta el final. Incluyendo algunos "estirones y jalones". La manera en que Laurie manejo mi caso ante el gobierno, en mi representacion, siempre fue de una forma firme y razonable. Me siento muy afortunado de haber tenido los servicios de La Oficina Legal WOOG, y no tengo ningun inconveniente en darle mi mas alta recomendacion."

~Oscar C., Fanwood, New Jersey


Complex citizenship issues resolved!

"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent handling of my naturalization case. From our first meeting, I felt that your law office had the competence and experience to represent my interests before USCIS. Frankly, I had been nervous about the case because of a difficult episode in my past, but you thoroughly researched the issue, explained the risks and benefits clearly and frequently, and handled the case successfully from start to finish. I was thrilled with the efficient, personal representation and the high level of integrity and expertise that you brought to the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship."

~ R. Rasiklal, Princeton area, New Jersey

Personal commitment sets the Woog Law Office apart!

"Laurie Woog assisted me with my naturalization case. My case was particularly complex, due to medical and other factors, requiring additional research and work over many months, but Laurie handled it all in stellar fashion. I truly believe I would not have obtained my citizenship without Laurie's help. In addition to her experience and legal expertise, her personal commitment set her apart from other attorneys I have known. She made me feel comfortable asking questions. She is confident but genuinely caring about her clients, and keeps them informed every step. I believe she was as happy as I was with my positive result. I highly recommend the Woog Law Office to anyone looking for a high quality, compassionate immigration attorney."

~Denise S., NJ

Removal of Conditions on Green Card (I-751)

Going the extra mile!

"My wife and I wanted to let you know that we just found out today that her request for the removal of the conditional basis of her permanent resident status has been approved. We appreciate the extra mile you went to help us. Our presentation would never have been as good as it was without you."

~Tracy and Fred P., San Francisco, California

EB-2 Green Card

Labor certification success!

"We were very pleased with Laurie's services. She is extremely thorough, professional, and meticulous, and has a rare ability to translate scientific concepts into plain language for USCIS. Most of all, she has up-to-date knowledge of the U.S. immigration law, which has gone through many changes recently. My case went exceptionally smoothly all the way from labor certification through receipt of our green cards. Laurie explained things patiently and always kept us informed about our case. We enthusiastically recommend the Woog Law Office to our friends and colleagues."

~D. Kim, New Brunswick, NJ

National Interest Waiver Green Card for Scientist

Creative and personal approach!

"We were very pleased with Laurie's services. She is extremely thorough, professional, and meticulous, and has a rare ability to translate scientific concepts into plain language for USCIS. Most of all, she has up-to-date knowledge of the U.S. immigration law, which has gone through many changes recently. My case went exceptionally smoothly all the way from labor certification through receipt of our green cards. Laurie explained things patiently and always kept us informed about our case. We enthusiastically recommend the Woog Law Office to our friends and colleagues."

~Raj S., Pittsburgh, PA

H-1b to Green Card for Indian Nationals

Sticks with you all the way!

"I've known Laurie for some 12 years or so. She's been absolutely pivotal in getting mine and my wife's status adjusted. She guided me all the way through the PERM process, H1b and extensions, visa backlogs, coaching me through interviews and resolving RFEs astutely. The wait time and the in between processes are pretty humbling, especially for someone from India. Laurie always responded almost instantly to all my queries and concerns and was on top of all things that needed to be addressed with USCIS. Best decision I made was staying with Laurie way back when she was changing firms and I moved to another part of the country."

~Anup N, Wisconsin

O-1 (Extraordinary ability) for Soccer Player and Coach

Strategic lawyering!

"I was represented better than I could have ever imagined by Laurie Woog when a friend recommended her to handle my visa. I was running out of options to stay in the U.S. and contribute my talents and passion for coaching youth soccer and futsal. At the Woog Law Office, my needs were put first and I was treated as a friend rather than a number. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured but she is realistic. My nerves were calmed and the complicated process was always explained well, along with the various strategies we could pursue. As a former high level soccer player seeking an O-1 based on coaching, my case was a tough one, but Laurie dug deep into my background and talents and found a great and creative way to present my case. She fought hard for me the whole time and kept me believing during the whole process. She went above and beyond and did everything she could to ensure a great outcome. Thank you so much Woog Law!"

~Ana B., Ohio

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