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H-1B: Professional/Specialty Worker

The H-1B visa is for temporary workers with a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, sponsored by an employer to work in a professional position. The position must be one that requires a Bachelor’s degree or higher, at a minimum. A person can hold H-1B status for a total of six (6) years. This can be extended if the person fulfills certain criteria and is in the process of applying for a green card.

The Woog Law Office can arrange for educational evaluations to determine whether a person’s foreign education or experience meets the level of a bachelor’s degree.

H-1B visas are currently subject to a lottery beginning April 1; visas are limited to 65,000 per year with some additional visas available for candidates with master’s degrees earned from U.S. institutions. If an employer or employee is considering the H-1B visa, it is best to consult an attorney well before the desired start date.


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