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L-1: Intracompany Transferees (Executives and Managers)

L-1A status is available if an employee has been employed outside the United States as a manager or executive for one (1) year within the three (3) years before s/he entered the United States, if he or she is coming to work in the U.S. at a related entity (parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of the foreign employer). “Manager” and “Executive” are defined in the applicable regulations.

L-1A status is initially granted for a maximum of three (3) years. This status can be extended in increments of a maximum of two (2) years. An employee can spend a total of seven (7) years in the United States in L-1A status.

The L-2 spouse of the L-1 employee is also eligible to apply for work authorization (an EAD card) after arriving in the United States.

L-1B employees are those who work in a “specialized knowledge” capacity.

Green cards: Usually the L-1A employee is well positioned to apply for permanent residence as a priority worker (EB-1).


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